What is Wind Point?

Wind Point is a not-for-profit organisation, funded solely by concerned individuals in the private engineering sector who are opposed to the construction of wind turbines in the Western and Eastern Cape.

There have been over 6,000 applications made to install more than 270 wind farms in these provinces. Each wind farm consists of about 400 wind turbines and each turbine is 156 metres high. That’s taller than any building in Cape Town, Pretoria or Durban and only the Carleton Centre and Ponte in Johannesburg are taller.

Even though numerous applications have been approved or have been given a Record of Decision to proceed, wind energy is not reliable enough to warrant the installation of thousands and thousands of visually invasive units, which ultimately do not contribute to the development of green, sustainable energy solutions. In fact, precisely because of the unreliable nature of wind, fossil fuel power stations will have to keep running anyway!

Not only that, the erection of wind farms will provide operators of these environmentally un-friendly fossil fuel power stations with Carbon Credits. Carbon Credits effectively convey a ‘right to pollute’.

In addition, because the blade tip speed of an operating wind turbine is 105km/h the risk to birds and bats is enormous. In the USA, wind turbines kill between 75,000 and 275,000 birds per year!

It should not be possible for such monstrously intrusive structures to be erected in our beautiful natural environment when these structures cannot provide a permanent source of green energy; contribute significantly to the death of birds and bats; and allow polluters to continue polluting with impunity.

We are not associated with any power generation company, oil, gas or coal supplier, and we do not have an agenda to hinder the transition to green energy and environmentally-friendly, efficient, and sustainable energy solutions. We are merely committed to the genuine protection of our precious environment. It is therefore essential that these wind farms are challenged.